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for america from the steps of the lincoln memorial. his indelible words a watershed moment in the civil rights movement. today thousand also gather to commemorate the famous words that forever changed our country. >> 50 years ago there was so much fear, people were afraid to be afraid. the fear is gone. our country is better and we are a better people. we still have a distance to go. >> reporter: that distance front and center today as the nation's first black president will add his vision as the marquee speaker at the anniversary celebration. president obama acknowledges that, while a lot of progress has been made, king would not be satisfied. >> we have not made as much progress as the civil and social progress that we've made, and that it's not enough just to have a black president. >> reporter: there are renewed calls for addressing socioeconomic and racial disparities. the recent acquittal of george zimmerman and the shooting death of trayvon martin drew many to the streets across the country with protests. the president acting with candor. >> there are very few african-american in this c
in the region. this is something that is going to require america's attention, hopefully the entire international community's attention. >> senator john mccain came on "new day" very strong on this. he believes the u.s.'s credibility in the region has been hurt, that a situation like syria, that he believes, there's been delay, and it has led to a bolds by the regime there, that in egypt that what many believe is a coup wasn't called a coup. >> i am sympathetic to senator mccain's passion for helping people work through what is an extraordinarily difficult and heart-breaking situation, but what i think the american people also expect me to do as president is to think through what we do from the perspective what is in our long-term national interest. sometimes what we've seen is folks will call for immediate action, jumping into stuff that does not turn out well, gets us mired in very difficult situations, can result in us being drawn in to very expensive, difficult, costly interventions that actually breed more resentment in the region. we have to think through strategically what is
they found at any point today as chris was just saying. of course, america has now upped the ante and said there is little doubt the assad regime is behind this chemical attack. the regime went forward today. and bashar al assad denied the claims and warned the united states about intervening here in syria saying, quote, it would be a big mistake. >>> there has been growing pressure on washington since the president struck a cautious tone against syria last thursday. >> we don't expect cooperation given their past history. and, you know, what i do believe is that although the situation in syria is very difficult and the notion that the u.s. could somehow solve what is a secreta secretaryian complex problem. there is no doubt when you start seeing chemical weapons used on a large scale that is very troublesome. this is something that is going to require america's attention and hopefully the entire international community's attention. >> the red line comment you made was about a year ago this week. we know there are things that qualify for crossing that red line. >> i have to say this. when
as moments when things change in america, when low wage workers finally said we want our fair share. >> that living wage bill could have backlash. walmart says it will be forced to suspend plans to build three stores in the nation's capital if the bill is passed signed by the mayor. that would have created lots of new jobs. the national restaurant association tells us this, these jobs teach invaluable skills and a strong work ethic that are useful for workers throughout their professional careers. the facts show the majority of workers who earn the minimum wage in the united states are not employed in the restaurant industry. restaurant jobs about fast food jobs about $9 an hour but stages of their professional career very key there. with the job market so weak for many people this is their career right now. they are working in fast food at $9 for their career, average age of a fast food worker 29 years old. it's not the high school kid you're thinking of. these are kids trying to pay student loans or feed a family. the economy is just not providing a lot of opportunity for everybod
. >> good morning. >> it's the most controversial practice for america's largest police force, and now the nypd's stop and frisk tactic is under fire from a judge. mayor bloomberg says it saves lives. critics say it amounts to racial profiling. we're going to dive into the debate this morning. >>> also ahead, divorce is too often a blood sport these days, you know that, but murder? a former bank of america executive now stands accused of trying to kill his wife by hiring four hitmen, one of whom was his mistress. one was to take out his wife. now his wife and daughter are going to tell you why they both fear for their lives. >>> let me ask you a question, would you be willing to travel at hyper speed? the hyper loop will take you from l.a. to san francisco in just 30 minutes. that's just the beginning. how close is this to reality is the question this morning. >> good conversation about that. very, very cool. >>> first up, big news out of san diego. hannah anderson's father says she faces a slow healing process following her abduction. we're learning dramatic new details about hannah's
and injuring 16 others. >>> bank of america is facing civil lawsuits from the department of justice and the securities and exchange commission. the suits claim the bank defrauded investors selling mortgage backed securities. bank of america accused of making false statements and failing to perform proper due diligence on risky mortgages from third party brokers. >>> what do you do when you flip your car twice and land on top of a bus stop? hail a cab, of course. this is crazy video. the driver rolled the car causing $5,000 worth of damage to the gas station. when his car stopped flipping the driver climbed out, hailed a taxi and took off. >> what do you say? >> there's almost nothing to say. >> nothing to say. we'll leave it at that. >> thanks. >> talk amongst yourselves. >> listen to the next segment. >> while talking amongst yourselveses. >> time for the political gut check. the stories you need out of washington and around the country. first mitt romney campaigned in the 2012 presidential election on getting rid of president obama's health care law. while attending his first poli
to silicon valley companies like that, especially google, america's most popular sport and the world's most powerful internet company. could be an interesting conversation. >> absolutely. thanks so much, christine. >> it's got to happen, it's the future. eventually everything will wind up having some digital things. we'll be watching two screens at once. we know t it's a question of how. christine romans we know what she's doing today, little investment decisions. >>> when we come back, climate change, another massive issue, they say we're causing it, is it real? according to an international panel of scientists, grave consequences could be coming. >>> also coming up is senator ted cruz eyeing the white house in 2016? a lot of people are questioning whether he can legally run and a lot of people are putting that to rest. >>> also why the texas lawmaker tells cnn we are in the middle of silly season in politics a head. [ male announcer ] these days, a small business can save by sharing. like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick her up. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male announcer
. there's a big thing to pound your fist and say we're america but it's not the way the world works. >> the white house press corps, american journalists speaking to the people but this is broadcast all over the world. >> fareed and candy crowley telling you that and you're telling me that so that's it, the case is over. all my doubt of over. in factet let's will let's go t break. >>> cbs still fuming. millions are not able to watch their shows. could the impasse be over this weekend? >>> oh baby how mom is doing after delivering this 13 pound 11 ounce bundle of joy. >> kid came out, stood up, stretched, said where are my pants? ing au natural. with new all natural lean cuisine honestly good. it's frozen like you've never seen. they've stripped down to only natural ingredients. why? what were you thinking? new lean cuisine honestly good. in the natural frozen meals section. ♪ >>> welcome back to "new day." it is money time. cbs and time warner cable are still locked in a bitter dispute over fees but both sides are finally getting back to the negotiating table. week ago the cable c
of the march on washington. during his remarks he called on america kind of to in his words he said to take on the great unfinished business of the march and he was talking about addressing income disparity, that was one of his big i think themes of the speech. what do you think the big takeaways were of his remarks? a lot of people were waiting to hear what we to say. >> largely will you view this through the prism of your own life and experience. democrats are going to view it differently than republicans, white americans view it differently than african-americans. common things i talked to at the march is they found it less personal and more political than they anticipated. the president only made a brief reference talking about the advancement of african-americans in politics and talked about state government, city government, congress, he said yes, even the white house now. the back half of the speech was about income and equality, education and equality. the president making his case that the country must do more, he needs help from outside washington. that was a key point. change doe
ago president obama insisted the government is not violating your privacy. >> america is not interested in spying on ordinary people. our intelligence is focused, above all, on finding the information that's necessary to protect our people. >> reporter: the nsa is supposed to target foreign communications that have to do with potential terrorism investigations. now under a court order, the nsa purged everything it collected from 2008 to 2011 and a senior intelligence official says it shortened the amount of time it keeps communications from five years to two years. that's not going to be enough to quiet the critics on capitol hill, who will insist on more oversight. chris in. >> thank you very much for the reporting this morning. appreciate it. we're going to move on now. reported deal from embattled san diego mayor bob filner. city attorney announcing a confidential agreement last night hours after an 18th woman came forward with new accusat n accusations of sexual harassment. casey wian is in san diego with the latest. good morning, casey. >> reporter: good morning,
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shares up again this morning. we're watching for walmart earnings. america's biggest employer, expected to report a good size increase in its profits. >>> finally, let's get to weather. >> we're talking about a lot of heat out west. fall-like temperatures in the northeast. the south, we'll be talking about more flooding. that's going to last through the weekend. red flag warnings for utah and idaho. temperatures near 100 degrees with low humidity. down in the southeast, a stationary front combining with tropical moisture. a heavy rain expected through the carolinas through the weekend. i want to end on a good note. so we'll end with the northeast. i don't want to hear any complaints, someone there in the middle. it's going to be gorgeous. about 70s. >> nice today. thank you so much, indra. >>> we're close to the top of the hour. it means it's time for the top news. >>> we had to leave at gunpoint. we don't know what happened after we left to the injured people on the floor. >> on the brink, hundreds now dead, thousands wounded and egypt at risk of civil war. the u.s. now under pressure
'll be leaving my job and heading back to congress. >> his head band say good tell, he's got america on his mind, literally. >>> but first for you this morning, breaking news, there is chaos in egypt, deadly clashes overnight between government security forces and supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi. these clashes have left 15 dead, more than 200 injured and those numbers are expected to rise. cnn is covering this story like no other network can, with live team coverage. first let's go to arwa damon, live in the streets of cairo, joining us by phone. arwa, can you hear us? if so, what's the latest? >> reporter: well these clashes are really spreading throughout the entire capital. we were outside around an hour ago when we last talk, the main sit-in site, watching pro-morsi demonstrators, crowds using a bus for cover, trying to move forward on an overpass to join those demonstrators that are at the main sit-in site. now we're in another part of cairo where we saw tear gassing, what sounded like gunshots. this is another area where there is a fairly large crowd of pro-morsi demonstrators
that they earn making the fast foods america is addicted to. >> they need employees to run the restaurants. >> lots of part-time jobs, growing a lot of part-time jobs and the part-time workers are saying we can't live on this. >> they can't live on the wablg, we can't live on the food. where is the balance in this situation? >> where is the solution? we don't have one. >> i could live on fast food if you force me too. >> christine's metabolism is not human. >> morgan spurlock got me totally -- >> we thinking it. >> i was fine but christina better off taking the kids to prison or a casino. >>> next story the war of words is heating up between a-rod and major league baseball. officials challenged the yankees slugger to weigh confidentiality and allow drug evidence to go public. rodriguez faces a possible 211-game suspension for alleged use of performance-enhancing drugs. he is firing back at mlb and his own team. cnn's jason carroll sat down with rodriguez' attorney monday. jason great to have you on the show. i have never seen a situation like this in sports or anywhere else. >> there's no
-year-old in america it's time for the minimum wage to go up. (cheers) but i won't be able to do it alone, so i'm going to be calling... on all of us to take up this cause. good jobs; a better bargain for the middle class... and the folks who are working to get into the middle class; an economy that grows from the middle-out. that's what we need. (cheers) what you want to do is-- have you already enrolled? you're doing fine. what did that just do? select what? select the drop-down menu. it looks like you're already enrolled. oh, ok. oh. example here. so... don't panic. you're ready to make your payment. "submit." there it is. oh, my god! i really can't believe it. that's awesome. good for you. ha ha! ♪ and i would walk 500 miles >>> this would be good music for the moose when it comes up. welcome back t to the gif, it is friday, august 2nd, i'm chris cuomo. >> good morning everybody i'm kate bolduan. coming up in the show what happened in ariel castro's house for some ten years was horrific enough but what on earth was going on in his head that entire time i don't think anyone can know. we'll talk ab
for america. that's the reason i'm here. >>> today's must-see moment, a multi tasking father who really does march to the beat of his own drummer. he has his 2-year-old strapped to his back. he has the twins on his chest but he can still rock out even if he only has the one hand to spare. i love that early on he had a stuffy on the cymbal. you can see it. the kid in the front is trying to figure out if he can do that. >> what is his wife angriest about? i think it is not that he is carrying the kids. i think it is the music. i think christina sees me listening to that kind of music with the kids it is a thumb to the eye. >> do you think it is really loud? >> it is like speed metal. any music that is making a child inherently praised -- big purple dinosaurs. barney. big hugs. i love you. you all know it. >>> let's move on. when we come back olympic athlete and murder suspect oscar pistorius back in court in south africa now charged with killing his girlfriend. a trial date has been set. we'll take you through the charges and the reaction. >>> plus lindsay lohan sitting down with oprah winfrey
. >> he's got that little one looking at him. >>> could america be getting some of that power? yeah. variety is reporting will i. am is in talks to join the judging table for "american idol" after reports jennifer lopez may also return to the show. that means keith urban, jennifer lopez, will i. am. >> talk about a range. >> i know, i like. >>> the race is on to cast batman in the sequel to "man of steel," so ryan gosling. >> yes, please. >> joe, richard, all rumored to be in the running, but the front-runner, 46-year-old josh brolin. what do you think about that? >> i think it fits. >> wolf man from "true blood." >> i remember him from "magic mike." all i remember is "magic mike." >> mrs. cuomo threw me into a bowl of potato salad when we met him at a party. made me go up and introduce her. >> excuse me, hi! >> oh, my. >> we'll also throw chris into potato salad. >> i like potato salad. >> all right, guys. >> i love it, ryan gosling, thank you. >>> coming up next on "new day," also someone we love, matt damon gets a new look for his new movie. he's buff, he's tough, and he's sittin
was a chemistry major in college, and then... i joined teach for america. that's the reason i'm here. >>> "new day," let's talk airline price controversy. you have seen the sales for $66. those prices may be too good to be true. the u.s. department of transportation slapped southwest airlines with a $200,000 fine for violating rules on airline advertising. earlier this year southwest offered a one way flight for $66. the dot says they didn't provide any tickets at that price. christine romans is here. we know this is a pretty standard thing. we see lots of companies doing the low fares. >> this was the love affair sale. it turned into get a big fine from the government sale. basically the dallas route they advertised $66 one way fare. no one got that fare. some other routes maybe 1%. government said that is not enough. southwest said it was an error in the reservation system. the government said they better not happen in the future. if you can go a whole year without basically scamming your customers then you only have to pay $100,000 of that fine. >> you know most people think if you can go one y
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, and then... i joined teach for america. that's the reason i'm here. >>> aol's employees were expecting to hear about some layoffs. what they didn't expect to hear was someone actually getting fired live with a thousand people listening in. ceo tim armstrong stopped mid sentence on a conference call to ax an executive. john berman is here to explain what happened. >> getting fired, as we say, is never easy but getting fired in front of a thousand people with a thousand people watching and listening over taking a photo at a meeting here, that has to be incredibly difficult. this has the tech world and people everywhere simply stunned. >> you're fired. >> it may be donald trump's favorite expression. >> you're fired. you're fired. >> but they're the two words you never want to hear from your boss. one employee of aol just got the ax in a very public way. 1,000 people listened in as his boss gave him the boot. >> able, you're fired, out. >> tim armstrong fired an executive during a conference call set out to outline cutbacks. able reportedly tried to take a picture of armstrong and it didn
for america. that's the reason i'm here. ♪ don't go for second best baby put your love to the test ♪ >>> welcome back to "new day." here's today's must see moment, they're calling this youtube video a sheep protest but really who knows what they are speaking out against. listen to them. >> who's your daddy? what about your mom? >> we actually had, i wish we had played it from the beginning because it's so good. >> how good could it -- >> a response from the sheepherder it's fantastic. >> they say the same thing every time. it's all about the question. >> this had me rolling on the floor in my office earlier this morning. maybe the hours is what did it to me. >> no, it's hilarious. here comes one sheep i'm going to get you. >> the guy in the front who has only distinguished himself. that's what sheep do is they follow. >> that's our must see moment today, watch it again on your own time. >> in new zealand they say "who's your daddy" i thought that was an american thing. the world is get so long small. good stuff. >> thanks. >>> coming up next on "new day." >> did the nsa break the
desire is not to get america into a third middle eastern conflict. but he had gone out and said himself that if the syrian regime used chemical weapons that would be considered a red line. once he put himself out there, i think it was difficult for him given the gravity of this attack, a truly horrendous attack with chemical weapons for him to do nothing. >> ironically, quick take, does russia saying don't do this help the chances that it doesn't have to be a military response? >> no, but my guess would be we're trying to send a message to the russian this is is going to be a limited strike. we're not trying to overthrow assad and that will lead their response to not be that severe. >> peter beinart thank you for the insight. >>> let's turn to dangerous weather at home, the fierce wildfire burning in and around yosemite national park showing no signs of letting up and it's threatening san francisco's water supply and power grid. the rim fire burned through almost 161,000 acres so far, the 13th largest wildfire inle kaical history. cnn's nick valencia is live in groveland, california, tr
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)